We hope you have a great time at The Raw Gym, and make the most of the facilities and expertise on offer... We aim to deliver you with every opportunity to succeed. 
As with everything, we do have a few conditions of service, so please take time to read them.


Your subscription (membership plan) is taken monthly from the day of signing (now).
To cancel, simply stop your DD via your bank, it's also quite polite to let us know, we won't bark at you or moan, it's your decision.

Flat rate of £30 per single session which is invoiced at the end of month... payment is upon presentation of invoice. 

 BEFORE your first visit please complete the fitness parq (links below)


Exercise comes with risk, these risks are mitigated by such things as taking personal responsibility seriously, ie, looking where you're going (trees & potholes etc), by being sober and using good judgement for self-preservation. It is impossible to mitigate every single possible or potential risk when working out, indoors or outdoors, as such, you accept that, as an adult, you are free to stop a movement at any time of your choosing with no need to explain. You take personal responsibility for yourself.
Within the gym, you can enhance your safety by using inbuilt safety features on kit, i.e., resistance levels on the rowing machine suited to your rowing style, height of the seat on the exercise bike (and securing it), plus safety bars in the weights cage and disk securing clips and springs etc on barbels and dumbbells etc.
It is critical to be mindful of other TRG users by clearing up after yourself.

I cannot make the claim that the pre-packaged protein powders are prepared in a nut free zone.
If you take a protein powder after a workout then you are doing so entirely of your own volition and accept any risks associated with food intolerance's etc.. The packets for protein shakes is always available, helping you to make informed choices.

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