Cardio Challenge at TRG Ballymena

By Mark McIntyre, Personal Trainer, The Raw Gym, Ballymena.

What can be more fun than a challenge? That's right.. defeating it!

If you're going to take the challenge (to gain the rewards) then let me know so I can validate your times.

OKAY, so what is the challenge?

The challenge ranges from high-intensity cardio through to testing your stamina, it's taken at The Raw Gym and is broken down into four overall total distances, so choose the one you're doing before getting started.

1250 meters - under 5 mins

Run - 250 meters

Row - 250 meters

Bike - 1000 meters

Ski - 250 meters

2500 meters - under 10 mins

Run - 500 meters

Row - 500 meters

Bike - 1000 meters

Ski -500 meters

5000 meters - under 20 mins

Run - 1000 meters

Row - 1000 meters

Bike - 2000 meters

Ski -1000 meters

10000 meters - under 40 mins

Run - 2000 meters

Row - 2000 meters

Bike - 4000 meters

Ski -2000 meters

The only time which counts is the end time, this includes the time taken to transition between pieces of kit, so speed throughout is essential, maybe plan for that before you start.

How to do the test.

  • Decide on which challenge (by distance) you're doing

  • Move from one exercise to the next as quickly as possible

  • I'll time your attempt (for verification) at The Raw gym

  • Once you have your time, complete the form below

  • If you achieve the target times at The Raw Gym (or Air Fitness) then you get rewards!


25% Air Fitness session discount plus a protein bar

If you beat the time above you will receive a 25% discount voucher code for your next Air Fitness session, plus a protein bar.

50% Air Fitness session discount plus a protein bar

If you've previously taken the challenge and beaten the time already, then you receive an even better reward! reward for beating your Personal Best! this time a 50%

The Raw Gym in Ballymena offers three main services: 1. Personal Training - Book in for a taster session 2. Bootcamping group fit - start for free 3. Air Fitness private gym hire - 3 zones, 2 gym and your results are number one!

And there's more All customers also enjoy free wifi, filtered & chilled water, towels, protein, and Alexa who will put on any music you utter to her :)

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The Raw Gym in Ballymena operates 3 main services, Air Fitness private gym hire - workout on your own or with your family. Personal Training in complete privacy our private studios and Bootcamping group fitness classes.

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