Do Battle with your fitness

As Gillian moves into session 2 (week one) of her journey at The Raw Gym in Ballymena, she goes to war... erm.. maybe a bit too dramatic, okay, she does battle with ropes, slams some balls and punches a bag right in the ...... (and other things)

The workout bit

Want to give this a go? Or make a great start to your fitness in private gym surroundings? start at The Raw Gym for free...

The Nutrition bit

Over the past few days, Gillian has been filling out a 'mood and food' diary, this is a quick online form which takes all of 20 seconds (ish) at a time to complete, but the information provided is critical in forming a nutrition plan...

By the way, all members of The Raw Gym.

Right now, we're still on the 'gathering evidence' phase, and this is a quick snapshot of what i see when evidence is submitted (via smart phone)..

Nutritional ques are already provided in the Fitness report, along with a general framework, it's these, when combined with lifestyle, performance and impercial evidence which creates a intuitive nutrition plan which works, because all aspects works in harmony.

Who is Gillian Loughlin?

Gillian is the winner of 12 weeks of personal fitness coaching / personal training at The Raw Gym, she has agreed to have all her experiences made public, so this series of blog posts is her ongoing story, her experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Follow Gillians progress, give her your support and while you're at is, copy & see how you fair. Come to The Raw Gym in Ballymena and experience awesomeness on tap!

Personal Training at The Raw Gym is how it's meant to be

The Raw Gym is a truly 1:1 experience

Rural & tranquil for mindful (in the zone) fitness

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