The start of The Raw Gym journey - Winner!

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

This is it, the start of something pretty significant for one lucky person:

12 weeks of fitness boosting and confidence enhancing personal coaching at The Raw Gym, Ballymena... Part of the New Leaf Hub CIC... where people turn a new page in life.

That person person is (play video);

Of all those left over, it was Gillian who demonstrated the determination which is super critical to this project...

Gillian beat dozens of other applicants, some applied to state that there was a catch to all of this, which of course there is (it's the following the progress blog and vlog etc), others decided to go to a weight loss groups, and some thought that 12 weeks was an excessive amount of commitment.. of those remaining, Gillian showed the greatest determination and proved herself to be fully committed to the program.

The first four week is set to be the most challenging, this time involves some tough workouts and runs up Slemish (with some extra challenges thrown in)


Welcome to the start of the live fitness progress blog.

I hope you enjoy the blog, maybe take some lessons from it and more so, I hope it motivates you to give our mindful fitness program a go.

So... Gillians fitness assessment, which was completed during the selection process on the 31st July 2018...

Take a look at Gillians Fitness Report here...

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