HUEL, filling human fuel shakes

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I've never really been a fan of meal shakes, but when Huel stuff appeared on my facebook timeline i thought, what the heck, let's check it out, and oh boy, was that a good decision!

Them people on facebook made a range of comments, but through actual experience of the Huel shakes, not one negative comment, for sure, there was a lot of cynicism, i think this stems from Huel being 100% Vegan, you can even choose whether or not you want it sweetened! Anyway, the positive comments were outrageously positive, and there are thousands of them, plus positive reviews on forms, infact, the internet is full of peoples terrific great experiences.

For me, i wanted a quick to mix solution for when i'm working back to back tasks in The Raw Gym and the New Leaf Hub in Ballymena plus Bootcamps in Belfast, so, those really busy times where stopping for more than 5 mins isn't a viable option. So, i put o the t-shirt, filled the mixer to 500ml of water, put in 3.5 scoops and mixed, then added more water to thin it a bit and drank it.. and oh boy, it took me back to when i was a kid and would have Ready Brek for breakfast...

I LOVE this stuff, this stuff being the coffee flavour....

It's a perfect mix of texture, taste, bang on for sweetness and it goes down really well.

And now for the review :)

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