It's all a bit backwards at The Raw Gym Ballymena

There are many reasons why the pursuit of fitness (to live longer) evades so many people to the point of a life threatening warning from a GP. More often than not, this isn't always due to a preference of a death wish, or a salivating anticipation to a major heart attack or a stroke... NOPE... it's attributable (in the main) to the culture of the fitness industry!

You see, the culture hasn't moved on much further than the lycra clad poser in the mirror formula, whether this is the Huuuge group fitness classes where you awkwardly stumble about at the back as the headband wearing regulars are perfectly choreographed at the front. Then you have the ripped body builders who are constantly checking their calf muscles in the mirrors, all while head banging music plays and people keep asking if you're almost finished on the kit you're using, the only time anyone seems to speak in these places. The thing is, while most people have moved on from all of that and want something a bit more authentic and personal, the industry holds onto it for dear life, as it's terrified of looking at things differently.. afterall, it's always worked, even if 'working' means ever bigger warehouse type gyms, ever lower prices and ever decreasing human interaction. The big gyms are stressed as they work in the manner of an inevitable race to the bottom, a race nobody really wants to win, but 99% of gyms participate in.

While the warehouse gyms can cater to everyone, they rarely truly please anyone.

But if you love big noise and dehumanised spaces, then you'll be in your element.

If you don't then, then your choices become limited.

However, if you live in Ballymena, then you're in luck...

At The Raw Gym you enjoy private and personable training facilities with two choices within private fitness studios which operate with eco awareness too. 1. Personal and private gym time 2. Personal Training Plus occasional group bits and bats too... Book in , try us for free .. Please like, share and comment Thank you Mark

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We're located at near the top of carniny road (the end closest the dogs trust)



The Raw Gym in Ballymena operates 3 main services, Air Fitness private gym hire - workout on your own or with your family. Personal Training in complete privacy our private studios and Bootcamping group fitness classes.

The Raw Gym Ballymena

201 Carniny Road, Ballymena, BT43 5NJ
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