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Gillians Journey : Week 3 PT 7 (fitness testing & Nutrition Breakdown) : The Raw Gym - Ballymena

Mindful personal training builds your mental strength of mind FIRST in order to build your body, then through fact find, learn to eat optimally, intuitively. All at The Raw Gym... And here's Gillians Journey, follow, support, like & share

The Nutrition bit

So... here's the recordings made in the mood and food journal over the first few days, the readings are reflective of the meal or activity on the previous line... The mood and food journal is completed via computer or smartphone just prior to a food / drink consumption, event and on waking up and going to bed.. this provides a rounded picture of the effect of food in terms of hunger control, energy plus state of mind. connections are made and corrections / fine tuning applied.

Where we identify significant fluctuations, that's where the initial focus goes, so, the random highest of highs (5) and lowest of lows (1).

As you can see, Gillians nutrition feedback stats are typically middle of the road, with some hunger tolerance going on (i say that as mood and energy are typically very good) meaning that the main focus here is to incorporate foods which leave Gillian feeling fuller for longer, to enhance energy production for greater physical performance and endurance, plus foods which boost recovery. Boosting recovery is now much more important due to Gillians rate of exercise taking a stepped increase from 2-3 times a week to 4-5 times a week...

Observations from Diet analysis.
  • Food choices are generally middle of the road to good for energy & mood.

  • Hunger is a prime concern

Solutions from Diet analysis.

  • Take in more raw / whole foods

  • Increase protein intake to develop metabolically active tissue & control hunger

  • Choose energy dense meals through the day, and going lean in the evening (typically)

Observations while exercising.
  • Energy fade , peaks and troughs

Solutions to enhance exercise.

  • Pre-workout energy prep (pavlovian training to tell the body that the workout is a good thing and to freely give up stored energy (blood sugar & fat)

Observations on body composition (muscle vs fat) - Aiming to lose 10kg on the scales.
  • Total muscular gain required is 11 kg

  • Total fat loss required is 21 kg

Solutions to expedited body composition changes.

  • Metabolic raising foods (quite simply bright colours)

  • Increase protein intake

  • Consume the fats naturally occurring in the food while avoiding cooking with fat

So, all that is well and good, but it's the process of bringing in changes which makes it a viable enterprise in the long term (for life) or short term... The trick here is to involve that Gillian already enjoys and for Gillian to make her own choices. So, this nutrition program and advice is tailor made to speed up fat loss, increase muscular endurance, improve recovery times, keeping injury free and enabling the body to rebuild bigger, stronger and much more capable.

Watch the video below and see how ownership of diet leads to ownership of results.. I guess the proof of the omelet is in the eating.

If you want to experience the level of attention within Gillians Journey, then pop to The Raw Gym for a chat , Monday to Friday from 9am

Who is Gillian Loughlin

Gillian is the winner of 12 weeks of personal fitness coaching / personal training at The Raw Gym, she has agreed to have all her experiences made public, so this series of blog posts is her ongoing story, her experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Follow Gillians progress, give her your support and while you're at is, copy & see how you fair. Come to The Raw Gym in Ballymena and experience awesomeness on tap!

Personal Training at The Raw Gym is how it's meant to be

The Raw Gym is a truly 1:1 experience

Rural & tranquil for mindful (in the zone) fitness

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