Seven steps to ultimate fitness success

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Tip Top Tips for faster fitness

Here we have it, a handy guide to help you achieve the body of your dreams, greater confidence plus a much brighter, healthier and fitter future where you have the build in motivation to 'get things done'.

Reduce alcohol

1. Reduce alcohol (to zero ideally)

The booze is the biggest problem when it comes to attaining terrific results in a timely manner.

Quit fizzy drinks

2. Quit ALL fizzy drinks

This reduces the additional calories from all the sugar pumped into fizzy stuff. As for the diet (artificial sweetener) drinks; They still dive real sugar crashes and the need to snack, sweeteners are linked to obesity, diabetes and other degenerative disorders. The safe bet.. Avoid the fizz!

slimming shakes lead to hunger aches

3. No more 'diet' processed foods

Eat only foods you can identify, chicken, fish, fresh veg etc...the less you rely on an ingredients list on a box, the faster your results arrive.

stay hydrated

4. Drink water!

Performance suffers when you're dehydrated, by sipping through the day and not waiting until you're super thirsty, you maintain performance.

eat sensibly

5. Sympathetic eating

Hungry? no.. then why are you eating that? Eat smarter, cleaner and in a way which works in harmony with your body, goals and overall lifestyle.

focussed exercise

6. Focussed exercise

Isn't it strange how this is near the bottom of the list?

Well, as you tick the aspects above, that's when the fitness pursuits you're undertaking really take effect...

7. Feed your soul

You need time out from all this focus, so have a blow out every now and then or partake in a mindful retreat or attend some Mindful Makers in Ballymena

Over time you will instinctively make more sensible choices, even on your freedom days.

This process is part of the Personal Mindful Fitness program. Find out more about that here....

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