The end of Gillians Journey

Gillians Journey : The Raw Gym - Ballymena

Mindful personal training at private studios - it's your daily escape from the [everything seems to be] corporate world, for actual you time.

All things come to an end, often before time

But you know, in the space of just 4 weeks, Gillian achieved a lot ! I hope her journey has inspired you to adopt the self belief that you can do it too. While I appreciate Gillians situation has changed, I can't help but feel disappointed, the planning and logistics, the roll call of achievements that won't now be announced and the challenges going unconquered. Oh, and just incase you were wondering why she's had to stop , the final bit of evidence on this program to support her need to cease the program (it sounds important).

So, all that's left is to wish Gillian the very best for the future

Who is Gillian Loughlin

Gillian is the winner of 12 weeks of personal fitness coaching / personal training at The Raw Gym, she has agreed to have all her experiences made public, so this series of blog posts is her ongoing story, her experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Follow Gillians progress, give her your support and while you're at is, copy & see how you fair. Come to The Raw Gym in Ballymena and experience awesomeness on tap!

Personal Training at The Raw Gym is how it's meant to be

The Raw Gym is a truly 1:1 experience

Rural & tranquil for mindful (in the zone) fitness

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