The Point of Failure - Muscular endurance workout at The Raw Gym Ballymena

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Here's a nice workout for you to follow at The Raw Gym in Ballymena (or your own). The title likely gives away the theme, but just to hammer the point home a bit more, the entire point of this workout is to hit failure.

Failure of your body to continue the movement, that's the plan

At the point of thinking you've 'had enough', you're wrong! If needed, take a moment, then attack it again, repeat this, re-program your mind to do more THEN move onto the next exercise. (you'll actually need a minute or two of recovery first) On your first try, DO go through everything, make it worthwhile though , say 50 reps of each exercise... If you're thinking, 'that's a lot', rather than 'bring it on', then award yourself an additional 10 reps per exercise! You don't have to complete all the exercises 'to failure' on your first try, the aim of this program is that after a couple of weeks of doing this 3 or 4 times a week, you will run through everything, this will take anything up to 90 minutes on those big days, so be sure to book two successive slots at The Raw Gym to cover your workout at that time of great challenge.

This is tough, it will hurt, but the fast track rewards are worth it

Now i know that most people don't relish the thought of looking like a snotty, weepy horrific tired out mess who feels like puking while in public, which is why doing this workout at The Raw Gym is perfect... Nobody can hear you cry ! ;-) You have privacy in training!

So, here are the exercises
  • 2,500 meter row

  • 2,500 meter cycle

  • Olympic bar (seated) shoulder press

  • Incline DB flies

  • Olympic bar shrugs

  • Suspension knee tucks

  • Cable tri-press

  • Cable front shoulder raise

  • Cable lying front shoulder raise

  • Dumbbell bicep curls

  • Single arm bent over row

  • Kettle bell squat and front shoulder raise

  • Nearly pull up (straight arms)

  • Elevated core twist

So, that's it, the cycle and the row are there to prepare you, get some warm blood flowing around your body and prep you, however, start of slow and gradually build up so that by the end, you're maxing out.

What weight should I move?

* The weight selected should feel initially comfortable

* All movements are smooth

* Disrespectfully (of kit) dropping the weights on the ground is pathetic attention seeking and the worse gym etiquette, remember that the entire movement includes putting the weight down under control (and stowing it properly) when you're done.

and now for the video

You can do this workout, plus much more at The Raw Gym, your private, fully kitted out gym, where it's you v's you... No people, no TV, no time-wasting distractions, just to the point, the nitty gritty, cutting to the chase, faster fitness results!

Pop in for a free consultation

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