The rise of the machines

There's still time to keep it real

The machines are taking over, slowly and surely, little by little, they are taking a hold of our senses... Soon it will be judgement day, are we to resist and terminate them, or do we wait for the inevitable fate!

The Raw Gym in Ballymena has a philosophy of working in harmony with nature, utilising the real world to enhance your functionality.

In the age of the machine, this has become a radical concept. The most popular form of functional fitness right now is not in utilizing the splendour of the real world for fitness, but instead to draw on machines which mimic some aspects of the real world, in lovely air conditioned boxes. Here's some examples..


It's been discovered that people should walk / run more Machine. Use a 'high energy consuming' treadmill, in a long row, and watch TV Real. Go for a walk in the countryside with fresh air, nice views and a jam sandwich.


Workouts need to maintain interest Machine. Use an 'eco expensive' machine which mimics pulling rope Real. Get rope - pull rope in many different ways


Something different which may feel like hiking Machine. Get on a resource heavy machine, which simulates hiking in an aircon gym Real. Put on a backpack and boots, find a hill / mountain and take a hike! and flask. I'm sure you can see where i'm going with this For an interesting twist on things If you go to a traditional warehouse gym or somewhere a bit posher such a David Lloyds etc, then talk to people about the environment... you'll find a quirky trend.. MOST gym go-ers will espouse very forthright views on the environment That being they claim to embrace eco-lifestyle choices, they hate wasteful use of resources, they dislike the throw-away culture we live in, and they might claim to feel at a loss of what to do about it.. What is the solution? Here's a video to help a little....

So thats's it.. Thank you for taking the time to read. You can book me for personal training in Ballymena. We operate on an ethical basis (for you and the environment) Great kit designed to stand the test of time (buy once and keep) But more than that, TRG personal training IS about the real you, in the real world. Find out more here Oh, by the way... Take a look at my book, if you gain one thing from it, then that's progress! 3 Hacks for life

Read it for free (on your phone) via amazon prime Not on Amazon Prime? Get a free 30 day trial, click here

Oh.. you're still here.... okay then... here's another video

I'm definitely away now... putting the kettle on, having a brew then doing a bit more study for the psychology degree... You have a terrific day. and .... Just Watch Out for them machines...



real :)

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