Workout of the day - Chest go kaboom!

By The Raw Gym Personal Trainer Ballymena.

Working the chest muscles and performing some explosive and high energy movements, this is the workout of the day. Start the first set quite gently, this warms the muscles in the manner which is specific to the exercises you'll actually be performing (specificity), don't worry, you'll soon be sweating pure testosterone through your pores by the time you're at the third set.

Anyway, watch the video and follow the workout card, enjoy the workout and make it a part of your split routine :)

You'd be doing me a huge favour by sharing this workout on your social media channels, so... thank you ;-)

Chest go Kaboom

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The Raw Gym in Ballymena operates 3 main services, Air Fitness private gym hire - workout on your own or with your family. Personal Training in complete privacy our private studios and Bootcamping group fitness classes.

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